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In a world that's full of doubt and despair. I found my place, a stage to call my own. With the Oakland Center for the Arts, I found solace there A community united, we've grown.

[Verse 2]

From auditions to rehearsals, blood, sweat, and tears. We've laughed, we've cried, we've conquered our fears. Together we've created something beautiful, something rare On this journey, we've laughed, we've cheered.


Center stage, where dreams become alive. We shine bright, side by side (side by side) With passion and heart, we take flight. Center stage, our spirits thrive.

Stage Curtains

How Community Theaters Turn Our City into a Fun and Friendly Place

Community theaters like the Oakland Center for the Arts and Kids First Theater play a crucial role in fostering a vibrant cultural scene that can lead to widespread positive changes within a city. Theaters bring diverse groups together, offering a platform for dialogue and understanding through the universal language of the arts. They help cultivate local talent and creativity, which can boost local economies and enhance the city's appeal as a cultural destination. Furthermore, by making arts accessible to all, including traditionally underserved groups, theaters contribute to social inclusivity and community well-being. The positive ripple effects of a thriving theater scene are immense, ranging from increased civic pride and improved quality of life to fostering the next generation of artists and art appreciators in an environment that values creativity and cultural expression.

Ruby Slippers

We Offer educationally based theater programs.

  1. A supportive environment for creative youth

  2. Inclusive opportunities for all

  3. A community where everyone thrives

  4. Engage in exciting initiatives

  5. Empower our youth for a promising future

  6. Meet new people and make new memories

  7. Learn new methods of engaging others

  8. We believe that you can become any character

  9. We believe in teamwork and giving back

  10. You will have a fun time and meet new people

Connor acting the clown on the stage

Dear friends and community members of Warren,

We stand at the dawn of a transformative era for Warren, Ohio, inviting you to shape our futureā€”a future rich with opportunities for all and a supportive environment for our youth's creativity and dreams.

We envision a community where everyone thrives and where our youth can positively innovate and imagine. To make this vision a reality, we need your engagement. By sharing your email and name, you join a movement dedicated to revitalizing Warren, fostering innovation, and creating inclusive opportunities.

Your involvement offers you a front-row seat to exciting initiatives and ways to contribute to our growth. Together, we can empower our youth to envision and create a promising future for all of us.

Join us in building a vibrant Warren, where dreams are nurtured, and every voice is valued. Share your details to stay informed and involved.

With hope,

Brendan Byers - President

Oakland Center for the Arts

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Volunteering can be so rewarding!
Volunteering can be so rewarding!